7 visual novels perfect for newcomers to the genre

The visual novel genre is too often forgotten when it comes to great video games. Anyone who wants to get into the genre has plenty to check out among the awesome entries in the genre. From fright and dread to romance and immersive drama, there are plenty of incredible visual novel games for Nintendo Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch has invested more recently in bringing many great visual novel games to the platform. With the genre’s popularity rising, now’s a better time than ever to try and jump into some of the best the Switch store has to offer.


7/7 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Known by all video game fans who Ace Attorney The game series has been a mainstay of the visual novel genre since the release of the first game in 2001. The games consist of investigation and courtroom trial scenes, and players take on the role of Phoenix Wright as they try to make their way and gain freedom from their clients.

Using various pieces of evidence collected and by examining witnesses and finding lies in their testimonies, players attempt to release and plead not guilty their client in each trial. While this is a great game and a series of games that remastered the original trilogy for the Switch, they are also good for visual novel beginners. Most people are familiar with the idea of ​​court hearings and court scenes from some form of media, so there aren’t many concepts that new players will be unfamiliar with.

6/7 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

dream dad is a whole different beast that introduces many visual novel concepts to new players, but contains many references and scenes that take on the style of other games, so overall there is less reading material than some visual novel games. The title is self-explanatory, the player is a new father moving into a neighborhood with many other fathers and children.

The romantic aspect of dream dad is sweet, and the relationship the player character has with his daughter is also a great aspect of the story. The game overall manages to blend romance, comedy, and heartfelt family melodrama, making it a great entry point for newcomers to the genre.

5/7 Ghostbusters: NG

Ghostbusters: NG, short for No Good, is the second part of the series and features a protagonist who must investigate haunted locations and search for clues in order to solve cases. Do the horror aspects and many point and click adventure aspects ghostbusters a unique type of visual novel that blends many game genres and makes it an easy visual novel for beginners.

There are also quick-time sequences where players must quickly make a series of decisions or are unable to escape from a pursuer. The protagonist can also see visions of people touching their blood, making for particularly intriguing parts of any investigation.

4/7 World End Syndrome

There’s a stigma around visual novels that have sexier aspects, and for newcomers to the genre, World End Syndrome is a great game to both play and dispel some of those stigmas. Reviewers have praised the game for having many characters start out as seeming stereotypes before then progressing them beyond those roles and showing great character development.

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From a story side of things World End Syndrome is about a high school student who moves to a new town and joins the school’s mystery club. He then discovers a curse upon the city that occurs every hundred years, causing the dead to rise and rampage. The game is similar to the more complicated Persona games and includes romantic and slice-of-life aspects in addition to a more mysterious investigative storyline.

3/7 coffee talk

One of the simpler ideas a visual novel has taken on recently, coffee talk is a short game that can be experienced in four or five hours. The game takes place in a fantasy version of Earth populated by different races of fantasy creatures. The player character is a barista and owner of a coffee shop.

The game takes place over two weeks and features various characters bringing their problems and concerns to the player to discuss while being given drinks. The player is mostly reading, but there are mini-games that involve making drinks, adding to the actual gameplay aspect for newcomers to the genre.

2/7 Doki Doki Literature Club

Any newcomer to this genre, after going through it, will have to think again about what a visual novel can be Doki Doki Literature Club. While it begins with a player being accepted into a literature club at his school and meeting the four girls at the club, it takes twists and turns completely unlike any other visual novel.

While much of the gameplay in DDLC is simple and reading-based as opposed to mini-games or other aspects, players should expect some incredible jarring as the story continues. Everything that players have come to expect from this type of game will be shattered, making everyone who witnesses this story fans of the genre.

1/7 Seabed

Finally, Seabed is an awesome LGBT visual novel game, a “yuri-themed” mystery game that tells a story from the perspective of three different characters. Mizuno Sachiko is a designer plagued by visions of her former lover. Her friend Narasaki Hibiki is a psychiatrist trying to understand how the human mind works. And Takako is the former lover of Sachiko and forgets her former lover and how it came about that they got separated.

The game delves much deeper into an emotional story, with an incredible writing style that showcases the skills of those working in the visual novel genre today. The writing aspect of any novel, including visuals, is one of the most important parts of the experience, and SeaBed has one of the best available on the Switch.

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