7 Pro IRL Streaming Strategies for Twitch Beginners (2022)

There are over 2.5 million viewers on the platform, and this count is significantly increasing. With so many eyes looking at you, you certainly like to be the best when you start your stream. And you have decided to stream today; this means that you have been a viewer and follow many top streamers. You might have learned many things from them but may be confused about which one of those works. 

Streaming yourself on Twitch may seem easy, but constant efforts and strategies are necessary if you want to perform better. Buying proper gear, setting up the internet for good speed and quality, and a few other things. Want to know how you can become a pro from a beginner? We have highlighted seven strategies that would help you. 

  1. Proper IRL Streaming Setup

We have all been perturbed by unreliable internet, but this frustration goes up a notch when we experience this while live streaming. The IRL streaming setup’s first part is checking your internet speed rate. You need to add two modems or connect the net directly to the streaming device to get good speed. 

After setting up the internet, you can start your stream from your phone. However, using only your phone to stream may not give you the quality you want for your streaming setup. It will help if you use instruments like a good camera and a mic that can bring that quality to your stream. 

A camera that provides 720p/ 60p is a good option; GoPro fits this criterion and will help you stream in a better way. Besides a good camera, you can stream through the desktop or go for a streaming device. You would also need streaming software like Lightstream, which makes your stream more interactive and hassle-free. 

  1. Customize Your Twitch ID

This one is a starting step for your stream. To start your stream, you need to create a profile on the twitch platform. Then when you have an account, begin to make it more interesting by customizing how your profile looks. You can also add something about yourself in the description space. 

You can set a pace at which you want to stream, delay your stream and restrict all the people that are negative about your stream. 

  1. Streaming Staples

If you want to make the experience for your viewers more fun-filled, buying extra staples for your streaming would be a great choice. You can find many of your role models using these to enhance the quality. Additional lighting can do great for your face cam quality. You can buy overhead lighting, table lamps, and other lighting systems. If you feel that your camera isn’t stable during your stream, you can also go ahead and buy a camera holder or a selfie stick.

  1. Know What You Can Do Better

There are more than 8 million Twitch streamers online; how are you different from them? It would help if you determined what you could do better and then tried to do that during your live. Like BurkeBlack, a twitch streamer with almost 288,000 followers, he wears a pirate uniform during his life. You need to think of something unique that would help your users set you apart from the millions on the platform. It can also make the content you share fun and interactive, increasing viewer count. 

  1. Take Notes From Your Favorite Streamer

You might have watched a lot of streams before you decided to stream yourself; this can be advantageous for your stream. You can follow your role model steps and achieve a greater viewer count; they are role models for a reason. Apart from learning good things from your role models, you can also learn about the mistakes of your role models. If you have closely monitored some top streamers, you probably know they are good at interacting with their viewers. That’s why their lives have so many views and comments. It would help if you tried to teach that in your stream.

  1. Set Regular Streams and Be Consistent

Your viewers should know when they can wait to see you live on the platform. So set a time for your regular live streams and follow the schedule of these streams. It helps your viewers to remember you and take time for you during your stream. Consistent with this schedule ensures that your viewer stays loyal to you and doesn’t get distracted by other streams. You can ensure that you get more viewers by streaming during hours when your viewers have enough time to sit back and enjoy your streams. 

  1. Earning Money Through IRL

You can stream and enjoy your time talking to your streamers, but how can you earn through these streams? There are plenty of ways to monetize your streams. You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, which would lead to your customers paying a fee to subscribe to your channel. Another way to earn money is through donations; this is the standard way for streamers who have just started making money. The viewers can tip the streamer to encourage him to do more lives. You can also switch to brand advertisements during your life. 


IRL streaming is becoming popular because it provides you an opportunity to show your daily life, play games, and get paid for it. But gaining proper followers and becoming professional streamers isn’t a smooth road; you need an appropriate strategy to do a stream. Along with following the above pointers, you can try a few more things like – being natural and authentic, not worrying too much about your gear, being more confident, and encouraging your viewers.

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