10 years later, Halo 4 is proving to be a disappointing omen for Halo Infinite

10 years ago, on November 6, 2012, Halo 4 was released to the masses. For a long time gloriole Fans, this wasn’t just another sequel; This was the first big step in a new direction for their beloved series, and it was the only chance for 343 Industries to make a good first impression. Expectations were tremendously high and fans were divided on whether 343 could achieve them. 10 years ago today, 343 Industries released a disappointing sequel that can now be taken as an omen for the rest of their time with the gloriole Franchise.


When Halo 4 When it was first announced, fans were quite divided. On one hand, fans were just thrilled that they were getting another one gloriole Play with Hello Reach widely regarded as the last entry in the franchise, at least for a while. But on the other hand, fans were skeptical that a new, non-Bungie studio would take over the acquisition gloriole Rein, especially one who didn’t really have any experience developing a AAA game from scratch. Looking back on it 10 years later, there’s a clear case that the second half deserved to worry.

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Halo 4 was a disappointing debut for 343 Industries

343 Industries was first formed in 2007, shortly after Bungie announced its separation from Microsoft. Since Microsoft still owns the rights to the gloriole Franchise naturally wanted to keep the train going and formed 343 Industries with the intention of continuing that gloriole Series. Bungie ended up making a few more gloriole title at Microsoft, and in the meantime, 343 Industries was hired to create an animated series that eventually became one Halo Legends. In 2009, 343 began work on a sequel to halo 3.

To Hello ReachUpon release, 343 Industries began work on some new multiplayer maps for the game, and the studio was eventually tasked with remastering the first gloriole 10th anniversary game. Though some of its visual choices were divisive, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary released in 2011 and was a fairly faithful remaster. In 2012, 343 was handed over gloriole Franchise forever and Halo 4 was announced soon after.

Halo 4 reviewed very well across the board, but something was missing for fans. On the surface, Halo 4 was a decent AAA sci-fi shooter with very responsive gameplay, a good variety of multiplayer maps and modes, top-notch graphics and sound design, and enough modern FPS features to really pull it off gloriole Franchise into the modern age. Still, it just didn’t feel like it gloriole.

Halo 4The campaign of is disappointing. With new enemies that aren’t very interesting or compelling visually, old enemies that don’t make much plot sense, and a confusing, overarching villain, Halo 4‘s campaign lacks much of the polish found in previous entries. This also applies to the overall design of the campaign; Each mission feels very repetitive, and the lackluster environment design means most of the environments blend together. While gray Forerunner structures are a staple of the gloriole franchises, they are often punctuated with lush, green foliage, sand dunes, water, and other visual variations. in the Halo 4gray Forerunner structures provide the foundation for most of the campaign’s environments.

One of the biggest savings of Halo 4 was his portrayal of the relationship between the Master Chief and Cortana. Though the plot is marred by doomsday weapons and ancient Promethean godlike beings, the overarching narrative of Cortana losing herself in Rampancy is eminently compelling, leading to a slew of surprisingly heartfelt, emotional moments between the two leads. While 343 Industries may have dropped the ball on many Halo 4it managed to bring more emotion and personality to John-117 than Bungie did in its original trilogy.

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Halo 4 was just a harbinger of things to come

Halo 4 is certainly not a bad game; It just isn’t the sequel that longtime fans either wanted or expected. 343 Industries clearly did their best job, but the studio simply bit off more than it could chew, trying to live up to the legacy of one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time with its first solo game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like 343 Industries ever learned its lesson.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection released in 2014 and suffered a disastrous start. The game’s online multiplayer component was riddled with bugs for weeks after the game’s launch. If a game’s multiplayer is one of its main attractions, an interrupted online game can severely impact its reception, and that’s exactly what happened Halo: The Master Chief Collection. One year later, Halo 5: Sentinels released with a campaign widely regarded as even worse Halo 4‘s. Although the multiplayer was solid, halo 5The campaign was a confused, disappointing mess that didn’t do the pre-release marketing justice, and had a twist at the end that’s universally hated.

In an attempt to be overly ambitious, 343 Industries keeps dropping the ball glorioleand that becomes even clearer with his latest release, Halo infinity. Its multiplayer was first released as free-to-play and such Halo infinity has done very well in its first few weeks and even managed to convince fans that this was the return to form for the franchise they had been waiting for. When the campaign launched, the reception remained fairly positive. Even though Halo infinityAgain, the campaign has a somewhat lackluster storyline, it’s flavorful, and its character development keeps it intriguing. Halo infinityThe campaign gameplay of 343 Industries was also pretty good, if a bit barebones, as it was the first time it took the franchise to the open world.

But the following year Halo infinity‘s launch, things have gotten a lot worse. Striving for a live service approach, Halo infinityThe multiplayer of was pretty strong when it was first released. While other live service games ensure they update the game frequently to make up for the lack of content at launch, Halo infinity has not followed suit, with only a major update or two since the game launched a year ago. make it worse Halo infinityThe promised co-op campaign mode has been repeatedly postponed and now comes with limitations that weren’t part of the original plan. The game’s Forge mode is also absent, with no release date given for its release. Once again it seems like 343 Industries bit off more than it could chew and looking back Halo 4the writing was on the wall the whole time.

Halo 4 is available on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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